Freight Train Boogie Podcast #138


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5 Responses to owens-b-2

  1. great idea sell your stuff at a massive discount slash your margins and go bust…well done how fucking original you niggers need to stick to street crime. leave business to us Chinese you dumb fucking moolies.

  2. Hello I am struggling to find my target market. I assume it will be female with family 30 plus, but how do I find out for certain. Also where will I find these target customers as PPC is working out to be very expensive.I sell cake baking tins in various shapes and sizes. Thanks

  3. I always mingle work with leisure, only because my once hobby has now turned into a job. When I used to work for a corporate business in a cubical, I chose to leave work, at work. My cell phone was usually off. When we went to our beach house for vacation – no cell phones were turned on, no TV, no anything but the sounds of crashing waves. Your time off should be just that.

  4. Jeg er helt vild med din blog og er virkelig begyndt at blive fanget af mange af dine indlæg Rigtig flotte ure alle tre; Guess er jo toppen af ure, efter min mening.Jeg kunne rigtig godt tænke mig sølv-uret i midten.. Jeg har altid været en stor fan af guld og har derfor et guld-ur, men det sidste års tid er jeg bevæget mig mere og mere hen mod det sølv. Og det her sølv-ur er jo helt fantastisk!!!!

  5. grp ins says:

    UBI is a common cause of death among red necks; especially those who have been observed telling friends "hold my beer and watch this!"

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