Freight Train Boogie Show #285

FTB Show #285 features the new album from Camper Van Beethoven member Victor Krummenacher called Hard To See Trouble Coming.  Also new music from Todd Adelman, Anna Tival and Whiskey Shivers. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

 Show #285

Victor Krummenacher Hard To See Trouble Coming   Hard To See Trouble Coming
Anna Tival – Grace and Gasoline  Before Machines
Shoebox Letters –  Take A Deep Breath  Honest Truth
Lyal Strickland – Every Time It Starts to Rain  Balanced on Barbed Wire  
(mic break)
The Hiders – Loaded As A Gun  Totem
Twang Dragons –  Lost Soul  3 Chords and a Lie
Seth Walker – Grab Ahold  Sky Still Blue
Victor Krummenacher – If I Could Only Close My Eyes  Hard To See Trouble Coming
(mic break)
Whiskey Shivers – Friends  Whiskey Shivers
Ted Murray Jones – Monteagle  The Road Home
Miss Laurie Ann & The Saddletones – Better Get It Ease My Mind
Todd Adelman – Red Headed Woman With A Gibson Guitar  Highways & Lowways
(mic break)
Victor Krummenacher – Tennessee & Pancho  Hard To See Trouble Coming

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(Jan. 23rd, 2015)
Bill Frater

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