Freight Train Boogie Show #309

dustbowlrevival-lampshadeFTB Show #309 features the new album by The Dustbowl Revival called With A Lampshade On.  Also new music from Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams, Samantha Crain and Old Man Luedecke. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #309

The Dustbowl Revival – Lampshade On  With A Lampshade On  (iTunes)
Madisen​ Ward and the ​Mama​ Bear – Silent Movies  Skeleton Crew  (iTunes)
Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys –  Hot Hands  Ionia
Runner Of The Woods – Good Things Will Come Thirsty Valley  (iTunes)
themeadowsbrothers-trouble(mic break)
The Meadows Brothers – Understanding You Won’t be Troubled
Samantha Crain – Big Rock  Under Branch & Thorn & Tree  (iTunes)
Scott Hrabko & The Rabbits – I Dreamed I Quit my Job Biscuits & Gravity
The Dustbowl Revival – Never Had To Go  With A Lampshade On  (iTunes)
(mic break)
Old Man Luedecke – The Early Days Domestic Eccentric  (iTunes)
Elana James – Reunion (Livin’ Your Dream)  Black Beauty
Kevin Sekhani – Ballad of a Lonely Clown   Day Ain’t Done  (iTunes)
Moors and McCumber – If Living Was Easy  Pandemonium
campbell-l-williams-1Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams – Surrender to Love  Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams  (iTunes)
(mic break)
The Dustbowl Revival – Standing Next To Me  With A Lampshade On  (iTunes)

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(July 30th 2015)
Bill Frater

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