Freight Train Boogie Show #343

purpose-d-stillFTB Show #343 features two new releases, Rebecca Pronsky’s Known Objectsand Still The Birds by Darryl Purpose.  Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #343

Rebecca Pronsky – Bag of Bones Known Objects
Darryl Purpose – Prince of the Apple Towns  Still The Birds
Josh Harty – The Kind  Holding On  
Dave Insley – Drinkin’ Wine and Staring at the Phone  Just the Way That I Am
(mic break)
Ted Russell Kamp – The Way Love Burns Flying Solo
Mary Chapin Carpenter – Something Tamed Something Wild  The Things That We Are Made Of
The Nouveaux Honkies –  Life Ain’t Easy  Blues For Country 
Rebecca Pronsky – Nothing Yet Known Objects
(mic break)
Darryl Purpose – The Meaning of My Love  Still The Birds
Ashleigh Flynn – Don’t Leave Me Lonesome The Low Arc of the Sun
Jeff Crosby –  The Homeless and the Dreamers  Waking Days 
Shoebox Letters – Used To Believe  Love Sick Town
The Mike Eldred Trio – Bess  Baptist Town
(mic break)
Rebecca Pronsky – Gondwanaland  Known Objects
Darryl Purpose – The Birds   Still The Birds

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(May 13th, 2016)
Bill Frater


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