Freight Train Boogie Show #349

womack-tommy-namaste (2)FTB Show #349 features the new album from Tommy Womack called Namaste.  Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #349

Tommy Womack – End of the Line  Namaste
Kathy Greenholdt – Blue Girl The Pilgrim
Randy Rogers Band – Actin’ Crazy (feat. Jamey Johnson)  Nothing Shines Like Neon  
Dolly Shine – Rattlesnake  Walkabout
(mic break)
Vincent Cross – Ode To An Old Guitar Old Songs for Modern Folk
Levi Parham – Gonna Be A Long Day These American Blues  
Sarah Morris –  Lie Here Tonight  Ordinary Things   
Jerry Castle – Weekend Brawl  Not So Soft Landing  
Tommy Womack – God Part III  Namaste
(mic break)
Katie Garibaldi –  Delightful Rooted Clarity
Adam Levy – This Friend  Naubinway
Clark Paterson – Moonlight in the Hills  The Final Tradition 
Red Heart Alarm – Greendust  Hammer Anvil Stirrup  (iTunes)
Elizabeth Cook – Dyin’  Exodus of Venus
(mic break)
Tommy Womack – When Country Singers Were Ugly  Namaste

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(July 9th, 2016)
Bill Frater

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