Freight Train Boogie Show #471

FTB Show #471 features two new releases, the self-titled album by Tessy Lou Williams and Country Shade by John Baumann. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  This is the direct link to listen now!

Show #471

John Baumann – The Country Doesn’t Sound the Same  Country Shade
Tessy Lou Williams – Your Forever Will Never Say Goodbye Tessy Lou Williams 
Jeremy Ivey – Ahead, Behind   The Dream And The Dreamer
Zach Aaron – Animal of Burden Fill Dirt Wanted 

(mic break)
Sarah Jarosz – Pay It No Mind  World On The Ground 
John Craigie – Part Wolf Asterisk the Universe
Kevin Daniel – Feelin’ Good  Things I Don’t See 
John Baumann – Sunday Morning Going Up Country Shade
Tessy Lou Williams – Busy Counting Bridges Tessy Lou Williams
(mic break)
Joe Ely – A Man and His Dog Love in the Midst of Mayhem
Jake Blount – The Angels Done Bowed Down Spider Tales
Dori Freeman – Another Time  Every Single Star
The Mammals – East Side West Side  Nonet
Ross Newell – Hold The Door
(mic break)
Tessy Lou Williams – Mountain Time In Memphis Tessy Lou Williams
John Baumann – Next Ride Around The Sun Country Shade

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(June 12th, 2020)
Bill Frater

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