Freight Train Boogie Show #481

FTB Show #481 features two new albums, The Sick Season by Becky Warren and By the Light of the Radio by Ned Hill. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  This is the direct link to listen now!

Show #481

Becky Warren – Me and These Jeans The Sick Season
Ned Hill – Lonely Heart Of Mine By the Light of the Radio
Western Centuries – No Cure Call The Captain
Michael Doucet – Covid 19 (Don’t Want It)  Covid 19 (Don’t Want It)
(mic break)
LaFavorites – Back Home Again  Back Home Again 
Stephanie Lambring – Fine Autonomy 
Paul Burch – Boogie Back Light Sensitive
Ned Hill – I Refrain By the Light of the Radio
Becky Warren – Good Luck (You’re Gonna Need It) The Sick Season
(mic break)
Chandler Holt & Lauren Stovall – Winter’s Night Waltz  Winter’s Night Waltz
This Frontier Needs Heroes – Go With The Flow Go With The Flow
John Moreland – Let Me Be Understood  LP5
Stephie James – Where The Sage Grows These Days 
Sam Morrow – Round ‘N Round Gettin’ By on Gettin’ Down
(mic break)
Becky Warren – Appointment with the Blues The Sick Season
Ned Hill – Thunder In December By the Light of the Radio

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(Nov. 21st, 2020)
Bill Frater

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