Freight Train Boogie Show #495

FTB podcast #495 features 2 new albums, Fire on the Ridge by Jenny Don’t And The Spurs and Friends in High Places by Turner Cody and the The Soldiers Of Love. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here is the direct link to listen now!

Show #495

Turner Cody and the Soldiers of Love – Lonely Days in Hollywood  Friends in High Places
Jenny Don’t And The Spurs – Lonely Days in Hollywood  Fire on the Ridge 
Cej – Honey On The Mind Friend Of The Sky  
Oliver Wood – Fine Line Always Smilin’
(mic break)
Cole Chaney – Another Day in the Life  Mercy 
Rachel Baiman – Joke’s On Me Cycles   
Mac Leaphart – Blame On The Bottle Music City Joke
Turner Cody and the Soldiers of Love – Friends in High Places
Friends in High Places
Jenny Don’t And The Spurs – California Cowboy
Fire on the Ridge
(mic break)
Danny Burns – Many Moons Ago  (feat. Sarah Jarosz) Hurricane 
Ian George  – Post-Corona  (single)
Shemekia Copeland – Walk Until I Ride Uncivil War
The High Hawks – Talk About That The High Hawks 
Graham Sharp – Generation Blues
Graham Sharp
(mic break)
Turner Cody and the Soldiers of LoveBoozing and Losing
Friends in High Places
Jenny Don’t And The SpursRestless Moon
Fire on the Ridge

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(June 20th, 2021)
Bill Frater

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