Freight Train Boogie Show #512

FTB podcast #512 features 4 new albums by The HawtThorns, The Twangtown Paramours, Opal Canyon and The Lied To’s, all of them male-female duos. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here is the direct link to listen now!

Show #512

The Twangtown Paramours – Talk About Peace Double Down on a Bad Thing
The Lied To’s – It’s Not Who You Love The Worst Kind Of New
Jim Keller –  Don’t Get Me Started By No Means
The HawtThorns – All The Right Reasons Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars
(mic break)
Opal Canyon – Worried Bird  Tomorrow to the Sea
The Infamous Stringdusters – How Do You Know? Towards The Fray 
Leah Blevins –  Mountain First Time Feeling
Jonathan Byrd – Fog On The Mountain  Song Miner
Phil Lee – When’s The Lovin’ Comin’ Back Phil Lee and Other Old Time Favorites
(mic break)
Allison Moorer – Thank You  Wish For You
Kelly Pardekooper – Forever Broken Hearted  Autumn
Tim Easton – Peace of Mind You Don’t Really Know Me
The Lied To’s – Missing You The Worst Kind Of New
Opal Canyon – Moon Song Swing Tomorrow to the Sea
(mic break)
The HawtThorns – One Human At A Time Tarot Cards & Shooting Stars
The Twangtown Paramours – Anyone But You Double Down on a Bad Thing

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(Mar. 11th, 2022)
Bill Frater

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