Freight Train Boogie Show #521

FTB podcast #521 features 2 new albums, Kenny Roby‘s self-titled album and Kelsey Waldon‘s No Regular Dog. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here is the direct link to listen now!

Show #521

Kelsey Waldon – No Regular Dog No Regular Dog
Kenny Roby – New Day Kenny Roby
Harley Kimbro Lewis – Man Get Ahold of Yourself Harley Kimbro Lewis
Hackensaw Boys – Things We Are Doing  Hackensaw Boys
(mic break)
Joan Shelley – The Spur  The Spur 
Teddy and the Rough Riders – Livin in the Woods Teddy and the Rough Riders 
Hank Erwin – Altana The Copper Album
Kelsey Waldon – Sweet Little Girl  No Regular Dog
Kenny Roby – Leave It Behind Kenny Roby
(mic break)
Ace of Cups – Baby Come Home Extended Play 
Wyatt Easterling – From Where I Stand From Where I Stand 
Phil Lee –  Might As Well Be Phil Lee and Other Old Time Favorites
Peter Mulvey with SistaStrings – You and (Everybody Else)  Love Is the Only Thing 
Eric Hutchinson – Everybody’s Gotta Beating Heart Sing Along! with Eric Hutchinson
(mic break)
Kelsey Waldon – Season’s Ending  No Regular Dog
Kenny Roby – I Don’t Believe in Magic Kenny Roby

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August 16th, 2022)
Bill Frater

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