Freight Train Boogie Show #543

FTB podcast #543 features 2 new albums, Ozark Symphony by Kelly Hunt and Ray Bonneville‘s On The Blind Side. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here is the direct link to listen now!

Show #543

Kelly Hunt – Lost Highway Ozark Symphony
Ray Bonneville – The Way It Was Before On The Blind Side
Eric Bibb – Free Ridin’
Buffalo Nichols –  Love Is All The Fatalist 
(mic break)
The Steel Woods – The Man From Everywhere  On Your Time
The Carolyn Sills Combo – Muddy Water On The Draw  
The Panhandlers – Midland Jamboree Tough Country
Kelly Hunt – Take Me Back to Memphis Ozark Symphony
Ray Bonneville – Lucky Moon On The Blind Side
(mic break)
Jason Hawk Harris – Jordan and the Nile  Thin Places
HeavyDrunk – Love & Devotion  You Don’t Know Me
Whitney Rose – Can’t Remember Happiness Rosie
Jon Byrd – These Days All Your Mistakes
Sado-Domestics – Winter Coating  Beach Day In Black And White
(mic break)
Kelly Hunt – What About Now Ozark Symphony
Ray Bonneville – Oh The Night Is Long On The Blind Side

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(Oct. 25th, 2023)
Bill Frater

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