Freight Train Boogie podcast #214

newbould-d-1FTB podcast #214 features 2 fine new independent albums, Your Mistake by EMILY HERRING and Tennessee by DAVID NEWBOULD.   Also new music from SUSAN WERNER, JERRY MILLER and ARTHUR LEE LAND.  Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here’s the direct link to listen now!

Show #214

JERRY MILLER – Travis Express   New Road Under My Wheels  (intro bed)
DAVID NEWBOULD – Always Coming Home  Tennessee
herring-e-4EMILY HERRING – Austin (Ain’t Got No) City Limits  Your Mistake
BEAUTIFUL LOSER SOCIETY – Hank’s Lament   The Desperate Promenade
JO HENLEY – You and Me  The Fall Comes Early
(mic break)
SUSAN WERNER – Bumper Crop  Hayseed
COLD SATELLITE – Sleepers Wake  Cavalcade
CHARLIE PEACOCK – Mystic  No Man’s Land
EMILY HERRING –  One Sip of Water  Your Mistake
(mic break)
lostimmigrants-2JIM GAUDET AND THE RAILROAD BOYS – You Don’t Know What I Know  Reasons That I Run
ANNIE LOU – Take Your Leg Off Mine  Grandma’s Rules for Drinking
ARTHUR LEE LAND – Cracked Open  Cracked Open
THE DIRTY RIVER BOYS –  Lungs  Science of Flight
LOST IMMIGRANTS – You Can’t Kill George Jones  An Americana Primer, Vol. 2
(mic break)
DAVID NEWBOULD – You’re With Me  Tennessee

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(June 7th, 2013)
Bill Frater
Freight Train Boogie

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One Response to Freight Train Boogie podcast #214

  1. Ian Dunlop says:

    Hi Bill;
    I tune-in everyonce and awhile and enjoy hearing what you have to offer. Just heard some good songs on FTB 214, Susan Werner, Dirty River Boys etc.
    I’ll get one of my CDs to you one day.
    Good show keep it going.

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