Freight Train Boogie Show #330

sellers-aubrie-newFTB Show #330 features the debut album from Aubrie Sellers called New City Blues. Also new music from the Reed Turner, Marc Stone, and Green River Ordinance.   Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #330

Aubrie Sellers – Sit Here & Cry New City Blues
Adam Levy – Pitch Black Path  Naubinway
Bumper Jacksons – Coffee Mama  Too Big World 
Green River Ordinance – Keep Your Cool  Fifteen
(mic break)
Reed Turner – The Idea’s Crossed My Mind  Native Tongue
Claire Holley – Traveling Saints  Time In The Middle 
Marc Stone – I Tried  Poison & Medicine  
The Yawpers – Burdens  American Man  
Aubrie Sellers – Magazines  New City Blues
(mic break)
War & Pierce – I Don’t Know Where I’m Going  War & Pierce  
Danny Medakovic – Stripes and Stars   Jolley Cut 
Ron Pope & the Nighthawks – Bad Intentions Ron Pope & The Nighthawks
paperboys-peaceThe Meadows Brothers – A Train Makes A Sad, Sad Sound  Won’t Be Troubled
The Paperboys –  Back To You  At Peace with One’s Ghosts  
(mic break)
Aubrie Sellers – Humming Song  New City Blues


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(Jan. 30th, 2016)
Bill Frater

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