Freight Train Boogie Show #331

mcferon-radioFTB Show #331 features the new album from Ian McFeron called Radio. Also new music from Seth Davis, Alice Wallace and Freakwater.  Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #331

Ian McFeron – Gotta Have Faith  Radio  
Alice Wallace –  I Just Don’t Care Anymore Memories Music & Pride
Daniel Romano – Strange Faces  If I’ve Only One Time Askin’
Joe Fournier and the Bad Ass Fajitas –  Movin’ On Again  Joe Fournier and the Bad Ass Fajitas  
(mic break)
Freakwater – The Asp and The Albatross Scheherazade
Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs – Coming Around  No Sign of Love or Farewell  
Grand Old Grizzly – Eyes  CosmoNada  (iTunes
Ian McFeron -I’m Comin’ Home  Radio
(mic break)
Seth Davis – Chandelier Life Is Long
Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys –  Old Song  Ionia 
Tokyo Rosenthal – Bury My Ashes  Afterlife
Ben Gilmer – Across The Mountains  Russell County Fair 
Lucinda Williams – Bitter Memory Ghosts of Highway 20
(mic break)
Ian McFeron – Song To The Night  Radio

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(Feb. 5th, 2016)
Bill Frater

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  1. Thanks for the spin Bill!!!
    Peace, Toke

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