Freight Train Boogie Show #422

FTB Show #422 features the new album from I See Hawks In L.A. called Live and Never Learn  Here’s the iTunes link  to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #422

I See Hawks in L.A. – Ballad For The Trees  Live And Never Learn  
Goodnight Moonshine – Bowie   I’m The Only One Who Will Tell You You’re Bad
Rich McCulley – Eventually  Out Along The Edges  
Mariel Buckley – Heart Is on Fire   Driving in the Dark
(mic break)
The Dead Tongues –  Won’t Be Long   Unsung Passage
The Slocan Ramblers – Hillbilly Blues/Deer On The River  Queen City Jubilee
Samantha Fish – Poor Black Mattie (feat. Lightnin’ Malcolm)  Belle of the West
RJ Comer – You’d Drink Like I Do Too   One Last Kiss  
I See Hawks in L.A. – My Parka Saved Me  Live And Never Learn
(mic break)
Dana Fuchs – Fight My Way  Love Lives On
Dusty Rust – Don’t Wanna Go To Heaven   Stolen Horse
Paul Cauthen – Everybody Walkin’ This Land  Have Mercy
Szlachetka –  Cheated Time  Heart Of My Hometown
Karen Jonas – Yellow Brick Road   Butter
(mic break)
I See Hawks in L.A. – Tearing Me In Two  Live And Never Learn


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(July 19th, 2018)
Bill Frater

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