Freight Train Boogie Show #454

FTB Show #454 features 2 new albums, Chris Knight‘s Almost Daylight and Guaranteed Broken Heart by Karen & the Sorrows Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #454

Karen & the Sorrows – Guaranteed Broken Heart  Guaranteed Broken Heart 
Chris Knight – Almost Daylight  Almost Daylight  
Randy Rogers Band – Hell Bent on a Heartache   Hellbent
Jason James – Seems Like Years Ago   Seems Like Tears Ago
(mic break)
The Rails – Cancel The Sun   Cancel The Sun
Jeremy Ivey – Greyhound   The Dream And The Dreamer 
Danny Burns – Let It Go   North Country
Chris Knight – The Damn Truth  Almost Daylight
Karen & the Sorrows – Jonah And The Whale  Guaranteed Broken Heart
(mic break)
The Milk Carton Kids – The Only Ones  The Only Ones
Kelsey Waldon – Kentucky, 1988  White Noise/White Lines
The Naked Sun – Rose Gold  War with Shadows
Claudia Nygaard – The Codependent’s National Anthem  Lucky Girl
Michael Cleveland – Tennessee Plates Tall Fiddler
(mic break)
Karen & the Sorrows – Queen Of Denial  Guaranteed Broken Heart
Chris Knight – Go On  Almost Daylight

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(Oct. 25th, 2019)
Bill Frater

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