Freight Train Boogie Show #475

Cheers to Solitude

FTB Show #475 features the new release by The Two Tracks called Cheers To Solitude. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  This is the direct link to listen now!

The Two Tracks – Beautiful  Cheers to Solitude
Daniel Donato – Luck of the Draw  A Young Man’s Country
Della Mae – Wild One Headlight 
The Danberrys – Maddie’s Ghost  Shine
(mic break)
Arlo McKinley – Walking Shoes Die Midwestern 
Ashley Ray – Off the Wagon Again  Pauline
Jomo & The Possum Posse – Annie Is a Chicken Now  Take a Number, Satan
Robbie Fulks – Seventies Jesus  Pandemophenia
The Two Tracks – All Women Are Healers Cheers to Solitude
(mic break)
Richard Thompson – Survivor  Bloody Noses EP
Charley Crockett – Welcome to Hard Times  Welcome to The Hard Times
Michaela Anne –  Good Times  Burn My Bridges  
Kenny Roby – History Lesson  The Reservoir
The Jayhawks – Living In A Bubble  XOXO
(mic break)
The Two Tracks – Cheers to Solitude Cheers to Solitude


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(Aug. 17th, 2020)
Bill Frater

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