Freight Train Boogie Show #477

FTB Show #477 features the new album by Dirk Powell entitled When I Wait For You. and Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  This is the direct link to listen now!

Show #477

Dirk Powell – Everything Is Alright  When I Wait For You
Iris DeMent – How Long  How Long
John Dennis – Board Game Money   Mortal Flames
Dan Penn – I Didn’t Hear That Coming Living On Mercy 
(mic break)
Cahalen Morrison – All Over Babylon  Wealth of Sorrow
Two Bird Stone – Hands and Knees Hands and Knees
Nora Jane Struthers – Slow Climb  Bright Lights, Long Drives, First Words Zephaniah Ohora – Black & Blue Listening To The Music
Dirk Powell – Jack of Hearts When I Wait For You
(mic break)
Dirk Powell – I Ain’t Playing Pretty Polly When I Wait For You
Hayes Carll – Arkansas Blues Alone Together Sessions
The Panhandlers – This Flatland Life The Panhandlers
India Ramey – King of the Ashes  Shallow Graves
Buzz Holland – Woman of the World  I’m from before.
(mic break)
Justin Townes Earle – Learning To Cry  Harlem River Blues

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(Sept. 11th, 2020)
Bill Frater

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  3. John Clark says:

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