Freight Train Boogie Show #532

FTB podcast #532 features 2 fine new albums, Twenty On High by Drayton Farley and Cat Clyde‘s Down Rounder. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here is the direct link to listen now!

Show #532

Cat Clyde – Everywhere I Go Down Rounder 
Drayton Farley – Above My Head Twenty On High
Adam Hood – Throw Me a Line Bad Days Better
The Shootouts – Anywhere But Here Stampede
(mic break)
The Panhandlers – Tough Country Tough Country
Iris DeMent – Workin’ On A World  Workin’ on a World 
Caleb Caudle – I Don’t Fit In Forsythia
Cat Clyde – Mystic Light Down Rounder
Drayton Farley – Norfolk Blues Twenty On High
(mic break)
Mile Twelve – Johnny Oklahoma Close Enough To Hear 
Michael Cleveland –  I Wish I Knew Now What I Knew Then
feat. Vince Gill Lovin’ Of The Game
Sweet Megg – Those Memories Of You My Window Faces The South
James Intveld – Lets Talk It Out  (single)
Slaid Cleaves – Through the Dark Together Through the Dark
(mic break)
Cat Clyde – Not Going Back Down Rounder
Drayton Farley – The Alabama Moon Twenty On High
David Lindley and El Rayo-X – Tiki Torches At Twilight Very Greasy

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(Mar. 9th, 2023)
Bill Frater

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