Freight Train Boogie Show #533

FTB podcast #533 features 2 new albums, Doug Paisley‘s Say What You Like and When The Trouble’s All Done by Ellie Turner. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here is the direct link to listen now!

Show #533

Ellie Turner – One More Day When The Trouble’s All Done
Doug Paisley – Say What You Like Say What You Like
Angela Easterling – Keep Your Head Down, Johnny Witness  
Jono Manson – No New Kind Of Blue (feat John Popper) Stars Enough To Guide Me
(mic break)
Dom Flemons – Slow Dance with You Wildfire 
Nickel Creek – Thinnest Wall Celebrants 
Brian Blake –  The Ott Hotel Book of Life
Ellie Turner – The ‘I Love You’ Song When The Trouble’s All Done
Doug Paisley – If I Wanted To Say What You Like
(mic break)
Mighty Poplar – Up On The Divide  Mighty Poplar
Eric Bibb – Family Ridin
Michelle Rivers – Going West Chasing Somewhere
Steve Dawson – Long Time To Get Old  Eyes Closed, Dreaming
The Band Of Heathens – Heartless Year Simple Things
(mic break)
Ellie Turner – Katabatic When The Trouble’s All Done
Doug Paisley – You Turn My Life Around Say What You Like

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(Mar. 30th, 2023)
Bill Frater

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