Freight Train Boogie Show #257

truckstophoney-4FTB Show #257 features the new album from Truckstop Honeymoon called The Madness of Happiness.  Also new music from Tommy MaloneRockin’ Jason D. Williams and I Draw Slow. Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Here’s the direct link to listen now!

Show #257

TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON –  Sunday in Ponca City  The Madness of Happiness
MICHAELA ANNE – When You Wanted Me   Ease My Mind
ERIC HISAW –  Take Care Of Yourself   Eric Hisaw
tsisters-1(mic break)
I DRAW SLOW – All Souls  White Wave Chapel
JOHN & JACOB – See You Tonight  EP
TOMMY MALONE – Time To Move On  Poor Boy
TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON – List of Chores The Madness of Happiness
(mic break)
T SISTERS – Not Be The Same Kindred Lines
POOR OLD SHINE –  Weeds or Wildflowers   Poor Old Shine
RIDLEY BENT – Big Black Hole Wildcard
bent-r-2(mic break)
WES KIRKPATRICK – Too Late Wes Kirkpatrick
THE CARPER FAMILY – My Old Chevy Van   Old-Fashioned Gal
KING OF THE TRAMPS – Car Song  Wicked Mountain
ROCKIN’ JASON D. WILLIAMS – Hillbillies And Holy Rollers Hillbillies And Holy Rollers
(mic break)
TRUCKSTOP HONEYMOON – The Madness of Happiness  The Madness of Happiness

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(May 29th, 2014)
Bill Frater
Freight Train Boogie


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