Freight Train Boogie Show #368

FTB Show #368 features the new album by Saints Eleven called Coming Back Around Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #368

Saints Eleven – My Heart Coming Back Around
Rorey Carroll – Hotel Room  Love Is An Outlaw  
Jonah Smith – Heavy Hangs The Crown  Easy Prey 
Kelly Pardekooper –  You Don’t Say  City At Night
(mic break)
The Piedmont Melody Makers – Kentucky Home  Wonderful World Outside   
Hiss Golden Messenger – Happy Day (Sister My Sister)  Heart Like a Levee    
The Currys – Restless  West of Here   
Waiting for Henry –  Mudconetong  Town Called Patience 
Saints Eleven – Coming Back Around  Coming Back Around
(mic break)
Courtney Granger – My New Year Starts Today  Beneath Still Waters
Elizabeth Cook – Orange Blossom Trail Exodus of Venus
Pete Sinjin – That’s My Heart  The Heart And The Compass
Wayne Hancock – Slingin’ Rhythm  Slingin’ Rhythm
(mic break)
Saints Eleven – Let Them Go (feat. Courtney Patton)  Coming Back Around


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(Jan. 6th, 2017)
Bill Frater

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