Freight Train Boogie Show #372

FTB Show #372 features the new album by John Craigie called No Rain, No Rose Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #372

John Craigie –  Broken  No Rain, No Rose 
Whitney Rose – My Boots South Texas Suite
Whiskey Myers – Lightning Bugs And Rain  Mud  
The Traveling Ones – Yours Tonight  Meet Me There
(mic break)
The Show Ponies – Kalamazoo  How It All Goes Down
Jared Hard –  Single Mountain Fiddle 10,000 Hydrogen Bombs 
Liam Gerner –  Hank And Tammy  Land Of No Roads  
Beaver Nelson – Are You Positive?  Positive 
John Craigie – Virgin Guitar  No Rain, No Rose
(mic break)
Cary Morin – Cradle to the Grave  Cradle to the Grave
Jo Serrapere –  Turn My TV On  Dollar Store Nation  
Showbox Letters – Tears For 2  Tears For 2
Cartorson – Hearts On The Highway  Richfield Skyline
(mic break)
John Craigie – Highway Blood No Rain, No Rose 

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(Feb.4th, 2017)
Bill Frater

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