Freight Train Boogie Show #415

FTB Show #415 features 2 new albums,  Happiness To Burn by Jenny Van West and Lonesome as a Shadow by Charley CrockettHere’s the iTunes link  to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #415

Charley Crockett – Lonesome as a Shadow   Lonesome as a Shadow
Jenny Van West – Happiness To Burn  Happiness to Burn  
Little Bandit – Money  Breakfast Alone  
Joshua Hedley – Mr. Jukebox  Mr. Jukebox
(mic break)
Dead Horses – On and On  My Mother the Moon
The Naked Sun – Burke Hollow  War with Shadows 
Blank Range – Crimson Moon  Marooned with the Treasure  
Jenny Van West – 45  Happiness to Burn 
Charley Crockett – Lil’ Girl’s Name   Lonesome as a Shadow
(mic break)
Jim White – Far Beyond The Spoken Word  Waffles Triangles & Jesus
Bill Filipiak – Top Down  Put The Top Down  
Paul Thorn –  You Got To Move  Don’t Let The Devil Ride  
Rosie and the Riveters –  Let ‘Em Talk   Ms. Behave
(mic break)
Anna and Elizabeth – Mother in the Graveyard  The Invisible Comes To Us
Blake Berglund – Crooked Old Earth  Realms
Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes –  It Tears Me Up (Every Time You Turn Me Down)  Some Girls (Quite) Like Country Music
(mic break)
Charley Crockett – Change Yo’ Mind   Lonesome as a Shadow
Jenny Van West – Empty Bowl   Happiness to Burn

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(May 4th, 2018)
Bill Frater


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