Freight Train Boogie Show #388

FTB Show #388 features the new album by Slaid Cleaves called Ghost on the Car Radio.  We also have new music from Steve Earle, Dan Mills and I Draw Slow.  Here’s the iTunes link to subscribe to the FTB podcasts.  Direct link to listen now!

Show #388

Slaid Cleaves –  Little Guys   Ghost on the Car Radio 
The Wild Reeds – Catch and Release  The World We Built  
Carey Ott – Til The Well Runs Dry  Nocona
David Messier – Keeping Up with Fashion  Waiting for Eldridge
(mic break)
Scott Fab – Leave My Friends  Leave My Friends  
Dione Taylor – Leave Me Alone  Born Free 
Jake La Botz – How I Wish She Was Mine  Sunnyside  
Slaid Cleaves – Drunken Barber’s Hand  Ghost on the Car Radio
(mic break)
I Draw Slow – Maria  Turn Your Face to the Sun
Otis Gibbs – Ed’s Blues (Survival) Mount Renraw   
Christopher Paul Stelling – Destitute  Itinerant Arias  
David Childers – Greasy Dollar Run Skeleton Run  
(mic break)
Steve Earle & The Dukes – You Broke My Heart  So You Wannabe an Outlaw  
Beth // James – I Miss the Music in Austin  All In Life  
Dan Mills –  Spinnin The Cowboys  Something Good
(mic break)
Slaid Cleaves – Junkyard  Ghost on the Car Radio


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(July 15th, 2017)
Bill Frater

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